Oracle EBS and Cloud Services

aktek erp pro lynk
aktek erp pro lynk

Oracle Integration Processes

Procurement and Supply Management

  • The offers collected during the SA process can be stored in digital environment, compared and subject to the approval process
  • Control of quality control steps in the goods acceptance process
  • Digital management of the import operation
  • Supplier portal
  • Digitalized stock management
  • Creating progress payment forms and following the process in digital environment
  • Real cost calculation based on SA and production

Production Management

  • Production processes can be followed simultaneously on ERP
  • Fast data flow between automations and ERP
  • MRP structuring in the planning process
  • Efficient supply chain planning within the ERP system
  • Mobile application usage connected to ERP system
  • Efficient structuring of the quality system on ERP
  • Efficient analysis of poor quality costs on ERP
  • Tracking production costs through ERP

Sales and Stock Management

  • Digitalization of price catalogs
  • Digital / mobile execution of sales, order and shipment processes
  • Digitalization of the export operation
  • Customer portal
  • Warehouse tracking, digital communication with subcontractors
  • Intelligent systems and mobile execution of warehouse and location-based inventory tracking
  • Execution of warehouse operations rules in digital environment

Financial Affairs and Financing

  • Detailed cost data and VUK based accounting data
  • Automatic copying of VUK data to TFRS book, tracking of corrections, tracking fixed assets and calculation of special cost
  • Consolidated reporting of receivables, payables, fixed assets, project costing, purchasing and cost accounting data in a single ledger
  • Tracking the investments on project and job basis and making build-sell costing
  • Restructuring the ERP system
  • E-Invoice and E-Ledger integration
  • Interface software integrated with 3rd party software

HR Processes and Performance Management

  • Picture and harmony of the organizational scheme
  • Integrated execution of processes
  • Access and authorization management
  • Cost of poor quality analysis
  • Fast and accurate reporting
  • Efficient analysis of personal and technical competencies of employees and reflecting this in workforce planning
  • Gathering the processes of different companies in the group under a single roof
aktek erp pro lynk