Oracle Exadata VM

Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer

Aktek Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer

Oracle veritabanı sistemlerinizin ExaC@C sistemine sorunsuz bir şekilde taşınabilmesi için ücretsiz olarak bir yol haritası çıkartıyoruz.

oracle exadata cloud at customer

For more information about ExaC@C, contact us now:

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oracle exadata cloud at customer
oracle exadata cloud at customer
oracle exadata cloud at customer
oracle exadata cloud at customer
oracle exadata cloud at customer

With Aktek's rental options on Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer, corporations can use their systems;

  • On a powerful X9M machine,
  • with 1/7 saving,
  • With a safe and compliant use with regulations,

Now, your systems has the opportunity to operate much more effectively.

Exadata Cloud at Customer

  • Now in Türkiye and fully regulated
  • 1005 data sovereignty
  • Full integration with existing applications and data centers
  • End-to-end Oracle database management without the need for an extra DBA staff
  • Exadata service at 1/7 cost without extra license cost
  • The ideal solution when Oracle Enterprise Edition databases need high performance and critical Oracle databases need Disaster Recovery Center
  • ISO 9001 and 27001 certificated
  • Strong service understanding with the partnership of Oracle and Aktek

The World's Fastest Database Machine with X9M

  • 70% more OLTP IOs/sec than Exadata X8M
  • 33% more cores for OLTP processing
  • World's fastest OLTP database machine with ultra-fast <19 microseconds OLTP IO latency using PMEM
  • 87% faster Analytical Scan output
  • 33% more CPU cores for Parallel Analytics and 80% faster RoCE network throughput for Analytics
  • World's most cost-effective database machine with 28% more storage capacity
  • 18TB disks and 33% more CPU cores

Database to be migrated to Exadata Cloud@Customer easily and quickly meet the resource requirements of your systems. By reporting, we offer you the most optimum offer.

  • Version information
  • OS version information total size
  • Amount of CPU & Memory used
  • Character Set
  • Database option information used
  • Backup infrastructure information
  • Cooperating application server information
  • Downtime information that can be obtained during migration
  • Ideal migration method suggestion
  • Network bandwith status information and required bandwith information