Covid-19 Measures

Steps We Take in Fighting Against Covid-19

Dear Colleagues and Business Partners,


By closely following the pandemic process in our country, we are constantly reviewing our working order and the measures we take, in line with the dynamic current developments, by saying "OUR HEALTH FIRST".


Regarding remote work in October 2020, Technopark Management has announced that they will work with normal exemption. No new regulation or notification has been received from the relevant Ministry of Industry and Technology on this subject. Therefore, as the Aktek Management, we have put the health of you and your families as the top priority since March 2020, and we will endeavor to continue this with your cooperation and support.


For this purpose, in October 2020;

  • We will continue with a 2-week office / remote working model as in September,
  • By evaluating our working model dynamic weekly, we will share the developments with you instantly in case of a possible requirement / change,
  • As in other months, we request that the annual leave usage be evaluated at the maximum level.
  • We remind you that we, as Aktek, announced a bridge holiday (except for those who will be on duty) on 28-29-30 October, it is possible for our employees who wish to have annual leave of absence to make leave planning within that week, and we also strongly remind that the bridge leave entries should be made on the permit system,
  • In our Yalova location, our employees working in the system teams for work are on duty for 2 people each, and the software teams have started working remotely a while ago.
  • With the decision of Akhan management, all Akhan companies work remotely on Wednesdays. Our employees in Akhan will naturally work with a watch system in Akhan on Wednesdays due to their jobs,
  • Our teams working at the customer locations will be planned in accordance with the business requirements with the agreement of the customer and the manager,
  • Public transportation should not be preferred for precautionary reasons. Employees who cannot use the service and service are required to use their personal vehicles, to match people who come with their personal vehicle-company vehicle if possible, motorcycle or bicycle, scotter, etc. It is expected to come with,

With the increase in socialization naturally in our daily lives, we understand that in addition to office-institutional measures, self-awareness and personal precautions regarding the virus are ahead of all measures and health authorities also strongly emphasize the issue. 



  • We kindly request our employees who have all illnesses, including flu and cold, in themselves, in their family or around them, to inform us. If no information is given to us, it will be assumed that there is no problem.
  • Working at their residences during remote work, employees who are away from their residence are requested to inform us and their manager by obtaining prior approval and compliance

We wish you healthy days and good weekends.


Aktek Human Resources