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Database Management

Oracle Database

It's obvious that in IT ptojects calculation of all posible risks and consideration of every details in decision making processes are fatal. Especially for Oracle products and related projects, it's number one topic to maintane availibility of systems 24/7. To do that it is a must to have a team with storng knowledge and high dedication

At this very point as Aktek, we are ready to help you as a trusted partner to achieve your goals with best results by serving our know-how, experience and knowledge.
  • Installation, Configuration and Management Services for Oracle Products (Database, RAC, Data Guard etc.)
  • Database Migration & Upgrade Services
  • Remote and/or On-Site 24/7 Services
  • Database Health Check Services
  • Periodic Maintenance Services
  • Database Monitoring and Alert Mechanism Services
  • Database Backup & Recovery Services
  • SQL Tuning
  • Performance Tuning and Capacity Planing
  • Database Security

Oracle DBA Services

Database systems are fatal parts of business processes to be run successfully, that's why it's very important to have fast, high performant and high available database without problem. As System Management Services department in Aktek our goal is to serve best services for your missin critical systems with our senior engineers. To do that we monitor your systems 24/7 with automatized scripts and notification features and we provide you pro-active system maintenance for your database systems with perfect, secure and trusted point of view.

Our database management team in System Management Services department is ready and at your service with following Services:

Aktek Value Added Services
  • Installation, Configuration and Management Services for Oracle Products (Database, RAC, Data Guard etc.)
  • Database Migration & Upgrade Services
  • Linux , Unix Management
  • Remote (Uzaktan) ve Yerinde Sürekli Destek (7/24)
  • ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
  • Performance Tunning
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring and Alert Mechanism Services
  • Health Check
  • RAC & Dataguard
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Software Upgrades
  • Audit Log
  • Oracle Database Administration Certified Professional
  • Oracle Database Administration Certified Associate
  • Oracle Database 11g Security Certified Implementation Specialist
  • General Product Support Specialist
  • E-Business Suite Admin yetkinliği
  • SPARC-Based Servers Specialist
  • Oracle x86 Systems
  • Oracle Sun OEM
  • Oracle Engineered Systems yetkinliği: Oracle Big Data Appliance , Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud , Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle Exadata Appliance , Oracle Supercluster
  • Aksa
  • Akkim
  • Akenerji
  • Dowaksa
  • Limak İskenderun Limanı
  • Kaptan Demir Çelik
  • Heaş
  • Emba Power
  • Türk Traktör
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